When was the last time that you took the time to look, really look? Observing a detail, just a small piece of the puzzle. Stopping and diving deep into it.

“Details” is my humble attempt at a comeback to as slower time. It is a newsletter, every week in your mailbox. That letter will contain only a picture. That’s it.

Detail is a moment away from the likes and the comments from the social networks. Back to the simpler things. No infinite scroll, no ads, no interferences. An email, a picture, that’s it. A slower web, more pull than push. The joy of doing less, the happiness of those daily moments. This is what I want.

All will be archived here in high def. You will find them all on the detail’s page. A little bit of Javascript to zoom and a simple personal grid. The picture is gonna be zoomable so you can observe all the small nitty details. You will also have the opportunity to email me back and chat about what you liked or not.

Like the rest of this website, I didn’t want to include comments. My email is enough. I like simple and slow conversations over vanity metrics like comments count. So please, feel free to email me back and chat.

With social networks, we watch pictures like we eat some fries. We follow hundred of people and don’t pay enough attention to the pictures nor the people. We can’t really blame ourselves for this. They are armed with an army of developers and designers and crazy algorithms who crave for our attention.

I don’t blame social networks, they have a huge positive impact too. They allow us to connect and reconnect. I actually met my partner online. But social networks can also accentuate or encourage some bad behaviors. I personally have a kind of addictive personality. A glass of wine? Make it two. A picture on Instagram, oops, I have been doom scrolling for two hours.

This is just a simple experiment. Therapy actually. Wanting to share by email to detach myself from the networks. I hope you will like it. I cannot wait to share those details with you. I have no idea which pictures you will see, digital from last year, film from 10 years ago or a picture from yesterday? We shall see, this will allow me to get to those years of archives.

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to subscribe! Adventure starts soon. This first set will be complete when the grid looks good. Be ready.

πŸ“· Olympus XA β€” Kodak Portra 400 β€” β™‘ β™₯ β€”