A year ago


We were walking by the sea for Cloé’s birthday yesterday. At some point, she said something close to “If you had told me a year ago that I would be next to the sea for my next birthday, I wouldn’t have believed you.” And that sentence just triggered so many thoughts on my side.

A year ago, we didn’t yet know that house existed. And the house didn’t know us neither. We weren’t aware that our future would be in Finistère. We were still looking in Burgundy and Brittany back then. That winter holidays’ day where I discovered Ty Lucie online was still in the future. We had no idea the fridge in this place sounded like a chicken from time to time. Nor that the heating pipes were making that clunky noise when they heat or that the wood would “crack” while the pipes were heating. We had no idea an owl would be our neighbor and that it would say hello every night.


We had no idea a wonderfully mystical fog would often greet us on the road to Tom’s new school. No idea we would have cows as neighbors. That the nights would be pitch black and stars’ watching would be part of our routine.

Who would have thought a year ago that I would find pleasure in filling the wood basket for our wood oven in the kitchen, splitting wood for kindling or just gardening?

I love walking around our hamlet with the dog and actually greeting folks and having a response. These are some side changes that make me feel good

Moving means being more mindful about friendship. I was a bit off in the past and, now, I reconnect and write more because of the distance. I still need to get better at this but practice, practice, practice.

Those 10 kilometers by the sea sure triggered a lot of thoughts and happiness in myself. I never felt so content. I am enjoying every bit of this new life. Including the hard parts.

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