Coffee table books


I wanted to share some inspiring books I have on my coffee table. I just received a crazy inspiring book. Our house is filling slowly of books that are feeding our life change, slow life and future projects.

I wanted to share with you three books that really inspired me lately. No novels, just books you will grab from time to time and escape. Those books are filled with amazing pictures, inspiring texts and other great resources. It is really a breath of fresh air lately.


Being, doing and making in nature

I keep mentioning Fforest lately. That retreat place is located in the UK and we would love to visit it someday! They are really an inspiration for us and our plans.

In this book, they are celebrating time spent outdoos in the nature. May it by in the woods or near the ocean. This books will give you plenty of small activities to do outdoor. From seaweed’s identification to flatbread on fire. Pictures are made by the talented Finn Beales. He is one of my favorite photographers and he really adds something to this book.


Link to the book


From farm to table and new country culture

Gestalten is one those book editors where every book could be something I want at my place. This is an ode to beautifully crafted books.

This one is about a new farmers generation. They are an inspiring back to the land group of folks. Like the title says from farm to table. Inspiring portraits, recipes and pictures are the right recipe for this book. If you know anything about our projects, you might understand why I love this book.


Link to the book

The new traditional

Heritage, craftmanship, and local identity

This last recommendation is also the most recent one in my library. Another gem from Gestalten written by the good folks at Beside. If you don’t know Beside, go read about it, I will wait. It is one of the best online and paper magazine I am reading. Fully aligned with my values! I am always super impatient to get the new issue. Their small quarantine letters are really a breath of fresh air.

This book is a serie of portraits from around the world. People keeping traditions alive. Modern craftmen/women, inspiring texts and beautiful pictures! Keep those traditions alive, reconnecting to nature and not forgetting the past. I couldn’t expect anything better!

the new traditional

Link to the book

Go read all of that, share your favorites with me and come tell me about them on ๐Ÿฅ Twitter.

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