Just two minutes

Beaches, Habits and smiles

The small things are usually what’s helping folks to move forward. We definitively need big rocks also. But we need the small ones too. And to move forward, you know what helps the most? Positivism. Emotions are contagious. I’d rather share positive thoughts over negative thoughts when it comes to our Planet.

So, we decided to teach Tom those small actions. He needs to get that the Earth has a lot of issues and that it is our fault. He also needs to know that he can have a positive impact on our magnificent planet, even if he is only five.

One of our favorite small action that built into an habit is cleaning our beaches. You just need two minutes to help our beaches. You can give more time but two minutes already matters to make it more beautiful. We always have some kind of bags dispenser in our backpack. Something in plastic that AS Adventure offered us. It allows us to do small trash bags on demand. Plastic to take off plastic. Sounds a bit ironic, isn’t it? But it works. As soon as we see trash, we grab it, put it in the bag and throw it at the end of the trail. You can also use the “bac à marée”. You find them more and more on the French coast. Don’t hesitate to grab all the trash that the sea gives back to the beach. Keep your trash in your bag for normal trash bins. This doesn’t take much time or effort. If we all took two minutes et if we were a bit more thoughtful about our trash on the beach, it would be even better.

If you wanna help even more, don’t hesitate to go check Surfrider OR Surfers against sewage. Don’t hesitate to give to charities or give some time. Your time is your most precious gift. Earth says thanks and Tom is too.


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