La Palue's beach


We keep discovering new amazing places around Bretagne (Decided to stop translating this one after reading Jack Kerouac saying “breton”). We might have seen less than 10% now. We love those new discoveries. We hope also to meet some folks this year to see some secret spots only locals know about. This time, we went to la Palue on the Crozon peninsula. A piece of paradise down on earth.

It wasn’t a sunny day. It happens. We park next to a van. A wetsuit is drying on it. We are at the right place. This beach is known for its surf. We pass by a German surfer here for a few days and having his car for a home. We walk down to the beach, crossing paths with a windsurfer running to the ocean. The call of the sea, I guess.

We are walking in the sand to go to the GR34. The dog has fun with algae and eats some of them. We walk up the cliffs, what a view. This is magical and bewitching. The power of the waves, the beauty of water hitting the cliff. The come and go of the waves on the beach. The sound of water.


We climb up more and wander around, we lose ourselves on the small paths. On their sides, small stone walls. We find a nice spot and stop to eat. We pass by small villages near the coast to get back to our car.


A hike that makes us want to come back. We find an Airbnb to come during the biggest tides of the year. In a week, I cannot wait. The call of the sea, I guess.


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