Living outdoors

I never felt so connected to Mother Earth. It has been a few years now that most of our weekends are spent outside. We go out for a walk or wander for the whole day. It allows us to feel connected, find peace and discover amazing things nature has to give. We wandered across Belgium and loved every bit.

Since our move to Brittany, we have an even deeper connection with nature. We can go for a nice walk across the fields during lunch and we spend way more time in our garden. Rain doesn’t stop us at all, it just allows us to discover things differently. Land is beautiful under the sun but not only.

We started foraging a lot. Since august, we made our own fruit alcohol, made various jams with all the fruits we could find around and for Christmas, Cloe even did amazing decorations with what we found outside. I cannot wait to learn more about all the comestible plants, mushrooms and various fruits nature has to share.

Discovering the inner land, less known that the Brittany coast, is something I particularly enjoy. It is full of surprises and various landscapes, forests, rocks, grass fields, moors and others.

Living so close to the sea allows us to pay the goddess of the sea a visit every time we feel like we need a big puff of salty air. I fell in love with the wild coast of Brittany and love taking pictures out there. I now think more and more about swimming in the ocean even in winter. I hope I will find the time to learn surfing.

We found food in the inner land, but the sea also gives. It is true that this summer it took away my glasses, but that was a small tribute to pay for all the things it has to give. Harvesting shellfish and other things is something we still need to try more and master.


A few of my dreams for this year include to take a multi days hikes across Brittany and walk on more and more paths on the GR34 known as “le sentier des douaniers”. The trek follows the coast and hits all the wild places near the sea.

I cannot wait for this new year to come and more specifically the spring so that we can go set the tent for a night or two in the wild part of this land. We will also take the time to discover it even more. I hope you like my stories and my pictures, because more will come! Don’t hesitate to share your favorite spots.

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