Talking about me

Hey folks, I am Yannick. I really enjoy telling stories and capturing the mundane moments of life. When I am not coding stuff at work or for myself, you’ll probably find me brewing a cup of old joe, learning how to surf, capturing moments on film or spending some quality time with the family.

We are launching an amazing project with Cloé. You should follow @douarenn or visit Even if it is in french. This is our cabin, disconnected from the internets in the middle of Finistère, in a place called “les Monts d’Arrée.

me doing a v


Current gear:

  • Leica M6 with a voigtlander Nokton classic 35mm 1.4
  • Nikonos V with a 35mm
  • A small Yashica T4 Safari

I stopped thinking about home scans thanks to my great relationship with my beloved lab, Mori. It is way better to build relationship than skills. I use less my second Olympus XA cause in the end, the Yashica and the Leica are a perfect combo.


I started taking pictures in the water with some fins and a Nikonos. Salty water is my favorite kind of drug. I got my first longboard this year. a 9'6” pig shapped by Mimosa. I got it from Hugo Crescent. But I am still a kook. But at least a kook with a damn good looking board. I try to avoid Neoprene and prefer Yulex

My feet
My feet by Grégory Mignard


I love a good cup of coffee. Using v60, Kalita or aeropress. My heart says stop but I keep drinking it. We got an espresso machine cause it is hard to get a good flat white around here but my latte art sucks.


I am writing a small letter in french about all and nothing every two weeks. It is quite delightful. It forces me to write on a regular basis. I don’t have many readers but they respond to those letters. So that makes me happy.


📷 → Negatives get developed and scanned mostly by Mori Film Lab.

☕️ → Most of my coffee beans comes from Mok Coffee and Terres de café. But I still like to try new roasters from time to time. Looking for suggestions

🖨 → Prints come from Ooblik & Négatif+. I just printed my first zine with Ex Why Zed but it is sold out right now.


I stick my pictures and some words kind of all over the web:

I might try even more cause I am getting bored of Instagram.


This is a static website built with Hugo. Hosting is provided by Vercel. Optimized with my own two hands and a lot of patience. The source of it lives on GitHub. Images are optimised by a GitHub Action from Calibre.

Most of the content is copyrighted but open to discussion if you wanna re-use some of it.


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