A few books worth a look

Your summer reading list

It is summer time, you wanna read something but you don’t know what. Don’t worry, I got you covered.


I really enjoy reading books lately. It is often somehow related to nature when it is not a technical book. and I wanted to share a quick few recommendations with y’all. I love books so expect more of these. I challenged myself to read 35 books and keep track on goodreads.

Here are three good recommendations.

les huit montagnes

The eight mountains by Paolo Cognetti

This is a really good book recommended by Martin Dellicour. This is the story of friendship in the Italian mountains. A friendship that evolves around old stones and mountain’s time. It is also a good story around loneliness. And a story about a father and a son, in a way. Which resonated a lot with me when I read it.

I would also suggest another one by Paolo Cognetti, the wild boy. The story also takes place in the Italian mountains.

Indian creek

Indian Creek Chronicles: A winter alone in the Wilderness by Pete Fromm

One of the first nature writing book I read. The story of a student spending its whole winter in a tent. His only job is to watch after salmon’s eggs that need to survive through the winter.

Another great story of man vs the loneliness of wilderness. Highly recommended. There is a sequel to this one where he is now a father. And hoped to bring his kids with him. Both are true stories.

The Dharma Bums

The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac

Another great part of its live. Part spiritual, part outdoors. A Buddhist experience where we follow Kerouac’s alter ego, Ray Smith, between the mountains and the jazz clubs.

I loved reading most of Kerouac’s stories. I like the writing style and personal experience mixed with fictional moments.

I would love to hear what you enjoyed reading lately. Don’t hesitate to share it with me.

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