Road trip in south of Bretagne

Carnac - Quiberon - Etel

We decided we should have a staycation. We wanted to discover our new region. We definitively think about travelling differently, slower. For this time, the plan is Carnac, Quiberon, “La Pointe du Raz” and Crozon. A road trip across south of Brittany. Simple enough but also full of wonders. Mystic, Wild and classic places to discover or rediscover.

light through waves


Carnac, here we come. The weather isn’t too bad. We won’t have our Airbnb until later that day anyway. We start the visits earlier than planned. Carnac stones will be our first stop. I didn’t check online before, I wasn’t expecting this. I was thinking it would just be a row of stones. I was so wrong. This was magical. But also, why? How? I wished they left a notice so we know what it really was for them. We thought we would need two visits to see it all. We still have time, we will do in one. Some zones are full of sheep. Tom is running around the megaliths and try to find one that is as tall as he is. He finds it. Time to go to our basecamp in Plouharnel.

Sainte-Barbe’s beach

Nicolas is waiting for us at his place. He shows us around. He is super enthusiastic and loves his region. He tells us everything we need to see, and also what is overrated. We will make some changes to our plans and it won’t disappoint us. On our way to Saint-Barbe’s beach. Better avoid southern beaches as they are easily accessible from larger roads and are a trap for eastern visitors. We cross a huge sand desert of dunes. It looks like it is from another planet. It is cloudy, a bit rainy too but it doesn’t bother us.

Quiberon’s wild coast

Now it is time for Quiberon. The wild coast is well named, even more with the largest tides of the year. The sound of the waves, water’s music, is fascinating. We stop and watch. We will come back multiple times to see that sea attacking the cliffs. We wanna see it all, walk it all. But this time, is not the right time for this. A small adventurer needs many breaks. He loves what he is seeing and that pumps him up. What a pleasure to explain to him all of this. Waves again, more waves, water exploding on the cliffs. It looks like a big wet firework. We stop at a local brewery, Zephyr. It tastes good. We will take a box, please.

Waves crashing on cliffs

Etel’s Ria

The Ria of Etel has been one of those places we hadn’t plan to come. We arrive in a complete fog. A small island with a house on it is barely visible from the road. We cross a stone bridge, hike around the whole, quite small, island of Saint-Cado and the view is up to our imagination due to the fog. The house is a bit more visible now. Time for a good lunch break. We will come back in the sunny afternoon for a good hike along the Ria, between fields, pine forest and sea. A quite nice weather and Tom guiding us around. He asks us to ask him questions about all we are seeing. We ask him his usual “When do we arrive?”. He doesn’t know…

Time to go west. But that will be for another post

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