Road Trip in south of Bretagne

Pointe du Raz - Crozon

Homme libre toujours tu chériras la mer

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Time to leave our first base camp for Crozon. We take a small detour for La Pointe du Raz. A quick break at the last supermarket before America for some missing groceries. For our meals, Cloé had the great idea to cook amazing dishes and store them in jars. Food just like home but without having to cook too much. What can we ask for!

Pointe du Raz

We park and cross the shopping mall part of la Pointe du Raz. We make a loop around the Pointe, fantastic view of the ocean wherever we look. We see the lighthouse. We keep walking, I think the GR trail is around there. We climb down, this wasn’t the trail. Oopsie. We go back up. That was some excellent adventure time for Tom. For me, I had to keep a jumping dog on a leash, kind of an adventure too. We close the loop with a fantastic view of the bay of the dead. Why that name? I will let you guess.

Tom et Cloe

Crozon sud

We take the car. Hopefully, it is gonna be the last time for a few days. We hope we can walk most of the peninsula. We are a kilometer away from la Palue, a pretty well know Breton’s Surf spot. We will go there to admire the sunset. Weather is good. The trails are muddy, but we don’t care. That’s why we have walking boots. On the beach, we are looking for small treasures. The most beautiful rocks, shells, pieces of wood, whatever. It is high tide, waves are playing with us. We sit on the remaining parts of a bunker watching the sun going away. The dog runs back and forth all around us. It is a perfect time for him and for us.

trésors de plage

We keep discovering more beaches the next day. Going more north, Concrete spikes from the Second World War are mind-blowing. We have to explain why those are here to Tom and bits of what was that war. We take a break up on Lostmarc’h, and the wind is welcoming us. We watch all around us, and it is time to go back to the Airbnb. I decide to take a tour to “l’île Vierge” and get more of the GR34 done. Divers are getting ready for some fishing. I wait a bit, observe them then continue north. Got some nice steep path for the end of the day. I have the sea and beautiful pink tones just for myself.

Coucher de soleil a la Palue

Crozon Nord

The Pointe de la chèvre and the seamen’s memorial are something we can’t miss. We hike around, we cross path with many people, talk with some. This is a beautiful day, nice landscapes and more adventure for our little one. Let’s go to Camaret to see the pointe of Pen’Hir and its small peas. We discover a cliff over the sea that is also a climbing spot. Even an intriguing rock with words written on it. We end the trail and go back home for a good rest.

Cloe et Pen’Hir

Already the end, time flies. We are happy to go back home and we really enjoyed that week. A road trip close to your place can be as grandiose than a trip to the other side of the world. We will remember those big tides, the 50km of hike with Tom and, last and most importantly, the fact that we have still so much to discover in our new region.

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