Spring is here

Vegetable garden and wandering in the Roc’hs

It is already the end of may. Time flies. The garden is alive. The vegetables garden can start again now that the Ice saints are behind us. We cannot wait to eat our own vegetable again. Pierre, our neighbor, offered us a spot in his greenhouse for our tomatoes. Tom starts to climb again in the trees and finds new hidden spots. We started to grill again, I mean we never really stopped. We also have new garden furnitures. What a pleasure to spend so much time outside.

I also had a few occasions when I could ride my bike and bring Tom to school. Small country side roads are amazing even if it is never really flat and it kills me for now. I need more practice. Let’s check on this later.

Spring also means that it is time to wander again. We made a 10km walk in the Roc’hs. A ten years old walk. This is what we tell Tom. A kilometer per birthday. He was proud and so were we.

It is true that we wander all year long. Rainy or not. But it is way nicer when you can stop and picnic. This allows us to spend more time out in those marvelous places we call home. So pleasant to live in a place people spend their vacations in.

We arrive at the parking that is almost full. It is already 10AM. Two ladies are getting their horses ready for a ride. The first part of the hike starts at the parking next to Roc’h Trevezel. We climb it and go south. We won’t go to the top today, it is already too crowded. We have a 360 view that is just fantastic. We can almost see the sea. On one side, small villages and the typical hedgerow from the center of Brittany. On the other side, the lake of Saint-Michel and the Yeun Elez. We still need to discover that last one.

It is almost noon. We enjoy the walk but it is time to eat. We found a big rock that we could climb. Oggy stays and watch, good boy. That rock was the home of a strange bottle under a stone. Looked like some home made alcohol left there just in case. We had a ham sandwich with a view. Perfect moment worth a three Michelin stars.

on grimpe pour le repas

Second part of the walk is mostly next to the road. This is way less enjoyable. We pass by Botmeur. This is a lovely village which is the start of a lot of hikes around here. We will pass by a group of hikers there. They will be faster than us as we keep stopping and watching things around. We stopped when a group of cows started to follow us in their field. We will also stop to chat with a couple eating next to their van. This makes me envious. It will happen soon enough.

Oggy catched a weird pink eye like thing during the walk. Not fun for him. He just didn’t care and rolled on the floor in the fields to scrub his eye. He must have run too quickly. He is fast! I am happy he started to listen to us more and more. He wasn’t on a leash most of the time. He run away from time to time but always come back to us. Especially if he can’t see us.

Those 10kms were really a good start of the season. Even if like always, I ended up with sunburns. I cannot wait to make other amazing hikes around here. I cannot wait also to come back on the Roc’hs for sunset and blue hour

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